Logo Design Inspiration

I recently stumbled upon a list of 54 Kick Ass Creative Logos which in turn led me to Logo Faves, who accept submissions from designers, and describe themselves as:

A collection of best designed logos around the web is showcased in Logo Faves. We don’t want to be like other Logo repositories, our idea is to bring you all the best of best logos.

Also relying on suggestions and entries from webmasters to compile its collection, Web2.0 categorizes over 100 logos and displays the user-ratings for each.

FontFeed took a bit of a different approach in grouping popular web logos by style, and even though the article was published in 2006, it is still a great source of information.

So what are you waiting for? Check out some of the design resources over at For Web Designers and submit your best work!

Of course, you could always just use a pre-configured generator.

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