This site has been designed to showcase some of my work and to provide an easy means of contacting me. I would be happy to provide consultation and submit ideas or proposals regarding specific or potential projects.

If you have any questions about the processes involved or work related to the listings featured in the project gallery, please feel free to contact me.

Personal History

After graduating from Bay Port High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin as a member of the National Honor Society, I attended the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh to study Graphic Communications. I developed an interest and a proficiency in film photography, as well as learned other skills like illustration, painting, and various printing techniques including serigraphy.

My involvement in student governance with USRH and NRHH, an organization which recognizes the top one percent of leaders, eventually led to my co-founding of the Oshkosh Chapter of AIGA where I coordinated events and arranged for guest speakers to present various topics.

In 2002, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from UW-Oshkosh. Shortly thereafter, I relocated to the Milwaukee area to accept a position with a nationally recognized screen-printing company. Beginning in an Accounts Projects Management position, I quickly took on additional responsibilities including database development, creative web design for order fulfillment, and prepress production capabilities.

Following the bankruptcy of the printing company, I have since enrolled at MATC to gain additional understanding of eCommerce and interactive design processes.

Additionally, I have been involved with the Boy Scouts of America since 1992. Along with receiving the Eagle Scout Award in 1994 and Vigil Honor in 1999, I have enjoyed spending many summers and weekends at Gardner Dam Boy Scout Camp providing instruction on topics ranging from basic first aid, to BSA Lifeguard and CPR, to whitewater kayaking and river safety.